Peace Corps Volunteer Discounts

There is no getting around it.

Unless you are an avid traveler or have some strange stockpile of quick-dry socks; you’re going to have to buy some stuff for your upcoming Peace Corps Service.

Few Volunteers have a lot of discretionary funds to work with, so, this means we look for any and all discounts, deals, freebies, giveaways, clearance items, and/or hand-me-downs that we can find.

But there is a balancing act we have to be aware of.

27 months of service in a foreign country requires high-quality gear. You are likely to experience a lot of extreme weather, power surges, and the occasional stray dog that will chew on your stuff (…). This does not mean you need to spend a fortune - it just means you need to be savvy.

Cue Peace Corps Volunteer Discounts.

By standing on the shoulders of those before us, we have re-compiled, re-confirmed, and reviewed multiple brands that offer generous discounts for Peace Corps Volunteers. Ranging from free shipping to 50% off, the 2019 Peace Corps Volunteer Discount book will be an evolving resource aimed at helping aspiring Peace Corps Volunteers find high-quality gear at reasonable prices.

Some of the companies working with us include:

Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 06.00.25.png

We will continue to explore new opportunities with brands and work to partner with them in order to provide aspiring Peace Corps Volunteers more options and discounts!

When you first came to the website, you were met with a pop-up that you likely closed right away. No problem…it is a habit at this point - we understand.

In order to get the most up to date Peace Corps Volunteer discount information, enter your email below. Don’t worry, we will not spam you. We’ll just quietly pass you the discount updates and let you know when a policy changes or a new company joins the team.

Congratulations on making it through this article and preparing yourself for your Peace Corps experience. You can find more information about the Preparing for the Peace Corps, The Application Process, and Concerned Parents in our other articles. 

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Hope to hear from you!

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