Peace Corps Volunteer Discounts


How to Use this Information

  • Whether it’s the service discount or the pro deal offer, each business will want verification. Make sure to have your acceptance letter or correspondents from your recruiter

  • Don’t be afraid to email the company directly to simply ask for a discount. You’d be surprised what you’ll get

  • We reached out to each company on this list, but we can’t force them to give a discount. If a company changes their policies, please contact us so we can update this reference

  • Know something we don’t? Spread the word and share those wonderful, beautiful, fantastic discounts!


Camping and Outdoor gear

You are about to embark on a journey that will test you limits and push your boundaries. No matter the sector in which you choose to serve, there will come a time in your Peace Corps Service where you will be out in the open. Some volunteers essentially camp for their entire two years; other only experience the outdoor life when they choose to. But one thing is for sure, when you are in the elements of a place with which you are not familiar, you want quality gear.



Clothing can be very personal. The Peace Corps is in 62 different nations as of the writing of this page and each of these countries have their own specific climate and fashion. Our advice - investigate your country as best you can and take advantage of the discounts in this section that apply to you.



27 months is a long time to be disconnected from everyone around you. Luckily, technology has improved and many Peace Corps Volunteers are able to bring laptops, smartphones, and rechargeable batteries so they can stay connected. Each country has its advantages and challenges when it comes to electronics. Learn about your country’s electrical system and find out which adapter you should bring with you.


Personal Care Products

You might be disconnected from some personal care products throughout your Peace Corps Service. While Peace Corps does provide some basic essentials, they don’t always meet…*ahem*…a certain standard. It might be a good idea to stock up on some personal care items before leaving. The companies here offer great discounts on high-quality products.



They say a good bed and a good pair of shoes are vital to a happy life. It’s unlikely that you can bring your bed with you, but you certainly can invest in some new shoes that will give you the comfort and confidence to explore the world. Our advice - one pair of formal shoes; one pair of travel shoes. When in doubt…waterproof!